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đề thi gồm 45 câu thực hiện trong vòng 30′

Welcome to your AIS - Quốc Nội

In case of having a new important incoming NOTAM, the
printed PIB must be _______
One of the factors governing an ideal layout of a wall display is______
The aeronautical quality management system should follow the
AD unit officers can create ______ on CADAS – IMS.
The length of RWY 23/_____ is 3 800m.
Viet Nam is +7hr ahead of UTC. When the UTC time is 2330, what is the local Viet Nam time?
AIM is the dynamic, integrated management of aeronautical information through the provision and exchange of quality - assured ________in collaboration with all parties.
Modes of communication required for submission of raw data to
the AIS should include______.
In Viet Nam __________ NOTAM contains information of concern to domestic fights.
The significant date(s) associated with the AIRAC system is (are) ______.
Minimum flight altitude ensures________.
A new ________shall be published as a replacement in case an
error occurs in an AIP Supplement or the period of validity of
an AIP Supplement is changed.
What is the title of Annex 11?
If the Magnetic Track is 124º and variation is 1ºW, the True bearing is ______.
How many programs are there in the ICAO roadmap for the transition from AIS to AIM?
What choice is suitable for a scale of 1: 250 000 on map?
What are the significant dates associated with the AIRAC system?
A NOTAM containing permanent or temporary information of long duration shall carry appropriate____________ references.
The guidance concerning the combination of Purpose qualifiers with Subject and Condition is contained in_____
What is the post-flight report?
The NIL AIRAC notification must be issued at least ________ before the AIRAC effective date concerned.
IFR flights shall be carried out in compliance with_________.
LDA is _________.

Air traffic clearances are issued by_________.
In Menu PIB - CADAS ATS, you have to insert Route parts in
The AIRAC AIP Amendments or supplements shall be distributed at least ______ in advance of the effective date.
A part of an aerodrome to be used for the take-off, landing and taxiing of aircraft, excluding aprons is______.
A defined area, on a land aerodrome, intended to accommodate aircraft for purposes of loading or unloading passengers, mail or cargo, fuelling, parking or maintenance is ______.
The AIP is a document which contains information of _________.
The pilot of an aircraft experience two-way radio communication failure shall set his transponder to code________.
Radar is used to identify aircraft, it is determined as________.
Publishing NOF shall trigger all operationally significant AIP SUP to ensure that all relevant elements ofthe integrated aeronautical information package are available for inclusion in ________.
CADAS ATS stands for ________.
Apron is________, on a land aerodrome, intended to accommodate aircraft for purposes of loading or unloading passengers, mail or cargo, fuelling, parking or maintenance.
In CADAS ATS, the operator can create ______.
An ILS CAT I can guide an arriving aircraft to ______.
Air traffic means________.
Which colour is regulated for AIC Viet Nam?
The List of valid NOTAM shall be published ________.
The VOR station radiates a signal pattern forming
________separate courses.
Pre-flight information bulletins contain information on the status of facilities and services taken from ______.
Heavy aircraft is defined by the maximum certificated take-off mass that includes ________
The published aeronautical geographical coordinates (indicating
latitude and longitude) shall be expressed in terms of ______.
Visual approach is an approach by an ________when either part or all of an instrument approach procedure is not completed and the approach is executed in visual reference to terrain.
Knot (kt) = ?

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